Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Track Introduction

Darts & Parents -
Welcome to Davis Track & Field. We truly believe this to be the greatest track program in Utah, but it is only strong when we have individuals commit to being their best and making this TEAM the best it can be. I promise that if you will commit to giving 100%, that you will have a great experience. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and desire. We want athletes on this TEAM who are going to give their best at practice and meets, who will inspire and encourage their teammates, and who like to have fun. If you will commit to being a part of this TEAM, the next 77 days can give you some of your greatest high school memories. This TEAM is for track athletes of all levels. No matter how fast you are, how high or long you can jump, or how far you can throw, our focus is on helping you be your best at your event. Be patient with yourself, work hard, and have fun!
Over the next 2 1/2 months, I will be sending out a weekly email with updates about track meets and important upcoming information. Please read carefully through all of the details...

Track Meeting: We had the track introduction meeting on Thursday. If you missed the meeting, I have attached the handout that covers a lot of the information. We begin daily practice tomorrow (Monday) at 2:45 in the outside bleachers (if the weather is ever really bad, we will start practice in the big gym - and then head outside to workout).

Tuesday Practice: We will have practice on ACT Tuesday. We will meet at 1:00pm in the bleachers or the big gym. BE THERE!

2015 Track Meet Schedule (there have been a few minor adjustments from the original):
March 5           Davis Time Trials            Davis          3:00 pm
March 9           Alumni Meet                    Davis          3:00 pm
March 17        Super Meet - Girls          Davis         3:00 pm
March 18        Super Meet – Boys         Davis         3:00 pm
Mar 24-25       Davis District                    Syracuse    3:00 pm
Mar 28             UVU Invite                       UVU           9:00am
April 8              Fremont @ Davis            Davis          3:00pm
April 15            Davis @ Syracuse           Syracuse    3:00pm
April 17            Woods X Invitational     Woods Cross 3:30pm
April 23            Davis @ Weber                Weber        3:00pm
April 25          Davis Invite                     Davis         9:00am
April 24            Northridge @ Davis         Davis          3:00pm
May 1-2          BYU or Herriman Invite                    TBA             TBA
May 6-7          Region Championships  Syracuse    3:00pm
May 12            Sophomore Region         TBA           3:00pm
May 15-16      State Championships     BYU           8:00am

Parents Email: If your parents would like to be added to the email list (to receive the weekly updates), please send me their email address. They can also read the emails and see other information at

New Balance Indoor Nationals: 5 of our athletes are traveling to New York City in 2 weeks to compete at the indoor nationals. Logan MacKay, Colter Blanchard, Josh Ward, and Stokton Smith are going to race the 4 x mile and 4 x 800 relays; and Aubrey Argyle is going to race in the 5000m and the emerging elite 1 mile. They are looking for any amount of donations to help support them on their trip. If you would like to help them out, either let me know, or bring a donation directly to any of them. Thanks!!
Apparel: I have attached this year's apparel order to the email. The logo on the t-shirt is going to be a little different than pictured. There will be a logo on the jacket as well. Please turn in the apparel orders by Wednesday this week so that we can get them ordered by the end of the week. I will have hard copies with me on Monday and Wednesday as well. You will not be able to pay for them in the office until Monday, March 9th. Parents are welcome to order any items. None of the apparel is mandatory, but we do encourage you to at least order a t-shirt to wear on meet days.

Eligibility: The hardest part of getting the season started is getting all of the eligibility complete (for 300 of you). There are 5 requirements:
1) Pay $90 in the office (the fine will be added to your account tomorrow if you are not in the track class).
2) Physicals - if you have not yet had a physical for any sport this year, you need to have a physical for track. The physical form is attached to this email and needs to be turned in once completed. If you need to get a physical, there will be doctors at the school tomorrow (Monday 3/2) from 5:00pm-7:00pm. You will need to pay $15 in the office and bring your receipt.
3) Register on - and fill out the appropriate online forms. If you have already registered for a previous sport, you will need to log back in and add track & field.
4) Drug Test Consent Form - if this is your first sport this year, you and your parents need to sign the drug test consent form. We will have a brief (15 minute) meeting at the school cafeteria on Wednesday, March 4th at 5:00pm where Mr. Firmage will review the procedure and hand out the forms. Please bring 1 parent with you to this meeting.
5) Academic and Citizenship eligibility needs to be cleared. All U's need to be made up and your GPA from 2nd term needs to be above a 2.0 (with no more than 1 F). If your GPA was below that mark, you will be not be eligible until the end of 3rd term. If you are not in the track class, you will need to clear your eligibility in the office using the attached form.

I know that is a lot of information. We are really looking forward to getting the track season underway. It is going to be an awesome season for Davis Track & Field. It will take hard work, but each of you and this TEAM as a whole is capable of some great things.
Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions.
Coach Talley

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year In Review

2014 was a very solid year for Davis Track and Cross Country. No doubt we had our challenges, but we also saw so many success stories over the past year. Both the boys and the girls were the Utah Indoor State Champions. We had one of our best showings and largest TEAMs ever at the Simplot Games. Trevor Leavitt set the indoor school records in the 200m and the 400m. And we had all-time top 5 indoor marks from Taylor Cox in the 400m (4th), 800m (2nd), and 1600m (3rd); Aubrey Argyle in the 3200 (2nd); Kenzie Weir in the 3200 (5th); Andrew Tyndall in the pole vault (4th) and the triple jump (2nd); Carson Hunt in the 60m (4th); and Logan MacKay in the 800m (4th).
We continued our strength in outdoor track. Both the girls and the boys were Davis District Champions, BYU Invite Champions, and Region Champions. Things may not have fallen our way at the state meet (2nd for the girls and 7th for the boys), but we showed a lot of character, fight, and unity in everything we did. And our young athletes gained some valuable experience. Here are some of our top individual marks from outdoor track: Trevor Leavitt - 47.00 in the 400m for the school and state record; Trevor Leavitt - 21.58 in the 200m dash for a new school record; Andrew Tyndall - 14'11.50 in the pole vault and also state champion in the pole vault; Nate Allred - 6'05 in the high jump and 2nd at state; Palmer Flood - 39.09 in the 300m hurdles and 6th at state; Logan MacKay - 1:55.59 and 4th at state in the 800m; Josh Ward - 9:14.50 in the 3200m at Arcadia; Paige Erickson - 10'00 and 2nd at state in the pole vault (Davis #3 all-time); Kendall Sargent - 121'06 and 2nd at state in the javelin; Jordan Barnett and Megan Rowe - ran 45.25 and 45.47 their first year hurdling for 3rd and 4th at state; Melanie Sullivan - 400m in 57.33 for 2nd at state (Davis #2 all-time); Taylor Cox - 2:12.55 in the 800m for 2nd at state and 4:52.92 in the 1600m at Arcadia; and Aubrey Argyle- 3200m in 10:49.85 at Arcadia and 3rd at state, leading a killer group of freshman girls (Aubrey, Ally Geisler, and Miah Weaver). We had a number of athletes sign for or go on to compete at NCAA Division 1 Schools - Trevor Leavitt (BYU), Andrew Tyndall (SUU), Taylor Cox (Weber State), Kendall Sargent (BYU), Kenzie Weir (BYU), Hannah Albrechtsen (BYU), Ashley Tyndall (SUU), Sierra Graham (USU), Hailee Carattini (USU), and Rachel Anderson (USU).
Our cross country season this past fall was one of our most successful seasons on a national level. Our girls team did a stellar job replacing 6 seniors who graduated in the spring. The girls won the Highland Invite, the BYU Invite, the USU Invite, the Bob Firman Invite, the District and Region Championships, and finished a close 2nd at the state championships behind American Fork. The girls kept working hard and finished 3rd at the Nike Southwest Regional and earned a spot at the Nike Nationals where they finished 15th. It is a young group who we are sure to see great things from in the next 2 years. Aubrey Argyle was 2nd at state and ran the fastest time ever for a Davis girl, and Ally Geisler finished 3rd at state. The boys were arguably the 2nd best team in school history. The boys won the BYU Invite, the USU Invite, the Bob Firman Invite (in a team time record), the District and Region Championships, and also finished 2nd to American Fork at the state meet. We nearly pulled off the upset at the Southwest Regional meet, finishing 2nd to American Fork by only 3 points. The boys went on to finish 6th at the Nike Nationals - our 2nd highest finish ever. Stokton Smith (5th) and Logan MacKay (8th) were all-state; and Josh Ward was our top finisher at Nike Nationals.
As I look back at the year, I am very proud of all that we have accomplished. Both the track and cross country teams were full of energy, commitment, and teamwork. We had so many athletes who were willing to work hard and make our program great. As we move forward with 2015, I hope that each of you will make the commitment to do your best and to contribute to another successful year. We have some high potential and some high expectations for this TEAM. I am excited to see your growth and progress as the year goes on. I am excited to see who will step up and be the biggest surprises of this next year. I am positive that we will face challenges again in 2015, but I am excited to see how we respond to those challenges - hopefully with strength, determination, and unity. This is a great TEAM to be a part of, and I hope that each of you will realize how special it is to represent Davis High in all we do.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Final 2014 Track Update - State Championships

Darts - 
It was a long, challenging two days at the state championships at BYU this weekend. Although the outcome was not what we were hoping for, I could not have been more proud of our TEAM effort and our unity. I hope that when each of you evaluate the greatness of this TEAM and the success of this season, that you will consider all that we accomplished throughout the year. Our boys were undefeated going into the state meet - Super Meet Champs, Herriman Champs, Davis District Champs, Woods Cross Champs, BYU Champs, and Region Champs. The girls had a ton of success as well - Super Meet Champs, runner-up at Herriman, Davis District Champs, Woods Cross Champs, BYU Champs, and Region Champs. Plus we put on one of the best-run, most memorable Davis Invites ever. In addition to all that, we had some incredible individual performances, school records, and all-time marks this season. I really think that I will look back on this year with so many great memories of what we were able to accomplish - and even more importantly, I will remember this TEAM as one with character, toughness, and togetherness. 
The girls put together a very strong state championships to finish 2nd to a Herriman team that is one of the strongest in state history. I thought if we got to 90 points it would be a good meet for us - we ended with 106 (if the pole vault would have been scored this year, we would have been 120). Taylor Cox scored the most points for the team with 20.5. Melanie Sullivan (just a sophomore) scored our 2nd most with 13.5, Hannah Albrechtsen scored 9, Jordan Barnett scored 8.5, Kendall Sargent scored 8, and our freshman trio (Aubrey, Ally, and Miah) scored a total of 18 together. Our distance runners performed very well, scoring 51 points in their 3 races. The hurdlers were also very strong with 14 points. Our relays were huge for us, scoring 22 points in the 3 races. Considering the amount of points we graduated a year ago, I could not have been happier with our progress this season and our performance at the state championships. It is the 11th year in a row that the girls finished in the top 2 (six 1st places, five 2nd places).  
The boys were faced with some major adversity on Friday when Trevor pulled up at the end of his 100m trials race with a hamstring injury. The injury kept him out of the rest of his events, but Trevor continued to show why he is such a champion. He watched every race for the rest of the track meet and cheered on and supported his teammates. It is still difficult for me to express my gratitude and respect for Trevor and what he means for our TEAM. Sometimes experiences and challenges like this one can mean more (and teach us so much more) than any victory. I think we all saw what a true leader and true champion is made of - not just at the state meet, but throughout the year as we have watched Trevor workout and race and be our captain. 
The boys fought as hard as we could through our ups and downs. We had some very strong performances from our young TEAM, and some inspiring performances from our seniors as well. Andrew Tyndall came through big for us with a victory in the pole vault - it was our only individual state title of the 2 days (for boys or girls). Nate Allred (sophomore) had a huge jump of 6'05 in the high jump to capture 2nd place. Logan MacKay (sophomore) raced strong and smart in the 800 to get a PR of 1:55 and to finish 4th. Matt Calvin (sophomore) finished 5th in the pole vault with 13'00. Palmer Flood (junior) was 6th in the 300 hurdles with another PR (39.09). Josh Ward ran very gutsy in the 3200 to finish 7th with 9:31. And Jaron Erickson (sophomore) finished 8th in the hurdles, despite having broke his elbow on Tuesday. 
It was truly an emotional 2 days with a lot of challenges, but also a lot of tough performances. I thought we responded well to the challenges, and I thought we did a great job competing for our TEAM. It was also great to have so many Davis athletes there to cheer their teammates on and show some great support - we were once again the loudest team. 
I just want to quickly thank all the parents of the TEAM for their continued support, encouragement, trust, and excitement for our program - we could not be what we are without their help. I want to thank our incredible coaching staff for stepping up time and time again this season, and for being so amazing with their sacrifices, their expertise, and their love for the sport and for our athletes. And I want to thank each of you for putting so much heart and work and sacrifice into making this year something special. You will be remembered as a TEAM that came together in adversity, that rose every time you fell, and that represented Davis Track & Field with toughness, honor, and pride. Seniors - Thanks for all you have done for our program - it has been a great pleasure working with each of you and getting to know each of you and learning from each of you. 

Important Items
Uniform Turn-in: Wednesday, May 21st. If you are in the track class, please bring your uniform to class. If you are an after school athlete - just bring it out to the track right after school. PLEASE turn it in on Wednesday - I don't want to be dealing with it all through the next week. You need to turn in your Brown (boys) and Gold (girls) top and any gold shorts you checked out from the team. You can keep your throw-backs. 

TEAM Banquet/BBQ - Wednesday, May 21st at 5:00pm at Barnes Park. We will barbecue some hamburgers and hot dogs and give out a few awards. The barbecue is just for athletes. Please bring a dessert if you are able (not everyone has to bring a dessert). We will provide the rest of the food. 

Track Class/Practice - We will not hold any more after school practices. If you are in the track class, you are still required to come to class (on time). We will be taking attendance. We will be cleaning stuff up and playing games this week in track class.

Guatemala 5k - I would like to encourage EVERYONE who is willing and able to support Logan MacKay, Stokton Smith, and Colter Blanchard as they raise money for summer humanitarian trip to Guatemala. They are putting on a 5k this Saturday (the 24th) at the Lagoon trails. You can talk to them for more details - I believe registration can be done through any of them, on, or on the morning of the race. I would also encourage you to invite any family members, friends, and neighbors to participate. I really hope that our TEAM shows up for the support of some of our hardest working teammates. 

Cross Country Meeting - For those of you interested in running cross country this summer and fall, we will have a meeting on Tuesday, May 27th at 3:00pm in my classroom - we will actually start right after the 9th graders show up. Sprinters should not be afraid to run cross country if you are not doing any other fall sports. 200m, 400m, and even 110m Hurdle state champions have also run cross country - it does not make you lose your speed - but I promise it will add to your strength and speed endurance. We will occasionally do faster track workouts with those of you who are sprinters/hurdlers. Plus, you will have a great TEAM experience with cross country if you give it a try. I promise.

Thanks again for a great year. I am very much looking forward to next year and I hope you all are as well. 
Coach Talley

Davis State Championship Results:
Elise Berning - 13.03 (PR) - 12th place
Melanie Sullivan - 25.93 (PR) - 6th - Davis #9 All Time
Elise Berning - 26.11 (PR) - 8th - Davis #12 All Time
Melanie Sullivan - 57.33 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #2 All Time
Taylor Cox - 2:12.55 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #2 All Time
Ally Geisler - 2:18.89 - 4th - Top Freshman
Hannah Albrechtsen - 2:19.15 - 5th 
Josey Hedquist - 2:19.82 - 8th 
Tatum Beard - 2:21.96 - 13th
Miah Weaver - 2:24.97 - 16th (only Davis runner to qualify for all 3 distance races)
Taylor Cox - 4:59.83 (PR) - 2nd - Already #2 on the All Time list
Hannah Albrechtsen - 5:06.23 (PR) - 4th - Davis #7 All Time
Ally Geisler - 5:10.19 (PR) - 6th - Davis #10 All Time - top freshman in the race
Kenzie Weir - 5:10.72 (PR) - 8th - Davis #11 All Time
Aubrey Argyle - 5:10.98 - 9th - Already #9 on All Time list
Miah Weaver - 5:11.25 (PR) - 11th - Davis #14 All Time
Chelsey Johnson - 5:21.15 - 19th - Already #13 on the All Time list
Aubrey Argyle - 10:59.35 - 3rd - Already #3 All Time - top freshman in the race
Miah Weaver - 11:08.20 (PR) - 5th - Davis #6 All Time
Ashley Tyndall - 11:08.78 (PR) - 6th - Davis #7 All Time
Kenzie Weir - 11:13.20 - 7th - Already #5 All Time
Sam Hedquist -11:40.26 - 14th
Chelsey Johnson - 11:45.59 - 17th
100 Hurdles
Olivia Richards - 15.27 (PR) - 6th - Davis #9 All Time
Hailee Carattini - 15.67 - 9th
300 Hurdles
Jordan Barnett - 45.25 (PR) - 3rd - Davis #5 All Time  
Megan Rowe - 45.47 (PR) - 4th - Davis #7 All Time
Kendall Sargent - 121'06 - 2nd - Davis #7 All Time
Pole Vault
Paige Erickson - 10'00 (PR) - 2nd - Davis #3 All Time
Liz Jones - 8'06 (PR) - 4th - Davis #11 All Time
Gentry Keaton - 8'00 (PR) - 8th
Ashley Lawson - 6'06 - 13th
4 x 100
Olivia Richards, Elise Berning, Sarah Beecher, Rachel Anderson - 49.56 - 5th place - Davis #8 All Time
Medley Relay
Rachel Anderson, Sarah Beecher, Josey Hedquist, Taylor Cox  (Megan Rowe in trials) - 4:09.34 - 2nd - Davis #5 All Time
4 x 400 Relay
Jordan Barnett (60.2), Rachel Anderson (59.6), Melanie Sullivan (57.5), Taylor Cox (57.5), (BriAnna Gipson and Josey Hedquist in trials) - 3:55.99 - 1st place - Davis #2 All Time
Team Scores - 
1. Herriman - 139
2. Davis - 106 (120 with pole vault which will count next year)
3. Riverton - 69
4. Syracuse - 63
5. Weber - 54.5
6. Bingham - 33
7. Fremont - 25
8. Alta - 24
9. Hillcrest - 18
10. West Jordan - 16

Jordan Goldsberry - 11.28 (PR) - 11th - top underclassman in the race
Trevor Leavitt - 11.29 - 12th
Ty Hinds - 11.30 - 13th - #2 underclassman in the race
Ty Hinds - 22.49 (PR) - 9th - Davis #10 All Time
Rylee Chilcote - 52.45 - 15th
Logan MacKay - 1:55.59 (PR) - 4th - top underclassman in the race - Davis #6 all time
Josh Ward - 4:22.19 - 12th
Logan MacKay - 4:24.99 - 18th
Stokton Smith - 4:31.99 - 21st
Josh Ward - 9:31.86 (PR) - 7th
Stokton Smith - 9:51.12 - 14th
110m Hurdles
Jaron Erickson - 15.43 - 8th - Top sophomore in the race 
Palmer Flood - 15.56 - 11th
300m Hurdles
Palmer Flood - 39.09 (PR) - 6th - Davis #13 All Time 
Todd Froisland - 40.89 (PR) - 13th
Derek Parry - 42.54 - 18th
Shot Put 
Dallin Baires - 47'01 - 10th - #2 underclassman in the event
Dallin Baires - 135'06 - 9th - #3 underclassman in the event
KJ Bishop - 148'04 - 9th
High Jump
Nate Allred - 6'05 (PR) - 2nd - top underclassman in the event (sophomore)
Hunter Simonsen - 6'01- 13th
Nate Butterfield - 5'09 - 19th
Long Jump
Matt Calvin - 20'09 - 11th - #1 sophomore in the event
Derrek Parry - 20'06 - 12th
Hunter Simonsen - 19'07 - 15th
Pole Vault
Andrew Tyndall - 14'09 - STATE CHAMPION!!  
Matt Calvin - 13'00 - 5th - top underclassman in the event (sophomore)
4 x 100m
Ty Hinds, Jacob Moffet, Jordan Goldsberry, Colton Chronister - 43.22 - 8th
Medley Relay
Jacob Moffet, Jordan Goldsberry, Colton Chronister, Skylar Williams - 3:39.19 - 10th 
4 x 400m Relay
Gabe Alfaro, Colton Chronister, Rylee Chilcote, Palmer Flood - 3:24.35 in trials, tripped in finals (3:29.40) - 7th 

Team Scores 
1. Riverton - 120
2. Herriman - 88
3. Bingham - 62
4. Lehi - 60
5. Lone Peak - 44.5
6. American Fork - 37
7. Davis - 36
8. Syracuse - 35
9. West Jordan - 28
10. Jordan - 28

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sophomore Region - Girls Results

Shot Put
1. 30’03.50   Kathryn Wilde, DHS
28’06            Ann Page, Sr. DHS
2. 26’08        Rachel Roylance, VHS
3. 25’11.50   Michelle Kapp, LHS
4. 25’02.50   Ashley Eatough, LHS
5. 24’09        Peyton Gallegos, LHS
6. 24’04.50   Jenna Huckabee, SHS
7. 24’03        Jennifer Johnson, LHS
8. 23’00        Brittany Talbot, FHS
22’09.50       Shannon Fowers, DHS
21’05.50       Olivia Whipple, LHS
21’02            Miranda Hill, LHS
20’04            Madie Elwood, SHS

1. 91’01.00   Emma Calder, DHS
2. 79’08.50   Shannon Fowers, DHS
3. 72’00        Kathryn Wilde, DHS
4. 71’05        Madison Skinner, WHS
5. 65’10.50   Peyton Gallegos, LHS
6. 63’09.00   Rachel Roylance, VHS
7. 62’00.50   Ashely Eatough, LHS
8. 60’09.00   Shelly Kapp, LHS
60’05.00       Miranda Hill, LHS
58’02.00       Olivia Whipple, LHS
53’07.00       Brittany Talbot, FHS
48’09.50       Ashlyn Berry, DHS
42’07.50       Anne Hawkins, DHS

1. 94’04        Alicia Stucki, DHS
2. 80’09        Anna Ferrell, DHS
80’03            Brittany Talbot, Jr. FHS
3. 78’08        Natalia Marques, DHS
4. 78’00        Nicole Kimber, SHS
5. 76’08        Elly Ferguson, DHS
6. 62’02        Ashley Eatough, LHS
61’10            Ashley Carter, Jr. SHS
7. 60’04        Rachel Roylance, VHS
8. 57’09        Peyton Gallegos, LHS
56’09            Madie Elwood, Jr. SHS
53’02            Jenna Uusitalo, Sr. SHS
52’04            Liz Wood, SHS
46’11            Jenna Huckabee, SHS
34’06            Miranda Hill, LHS

High Jump
1. 4’10          Samantha Sorensen, LHS
2. 4’09          Korra Jensen, DHS
3. 4’08          Alicia Stucki, DHS
4. 4’04          Blaire Arnold, DHS
5. 4’04          Kristen Funk, DHS
6. 4’04          Bailey Rupe, LHS
7. 4’02          Lexi Elinkowski, LHS
8. 4’02          Jessica Spohn, LHS

Long Jump
1. 14’08.50   Charity Parkinson, WHS
2. 13’11        Kylen Morgan, LHS
3. 13’09        Emma Calder, DHS
4. 13’06.50   Sydney Larsen, DHS
5. 13’03.50   Kylee Buhunin, LHS
6. 13’01.50   Emily Summers, WHS
7. 13’01        Tammy Lewis, FHS
8. 11’09        Abby Jensen, LHS
11’00            Sam George, VHS

Pole Vault (Non-Scored)
9’00              Paige Erickson, Jr. DHS
8’06              Ashley Lawson, Jr. DHS
8’00              Ashley Sullenger, DHS
7’06              Brinley Koerner, VHS
7’06              Lauren Busby, Jr. SHS
7’00              Tristen Funk, DHS
7’00              Leslie Aagard, DHS
7’00              Becca Jacobsen, Jr. SHS
7’00              Liz Wood, SHS
6’06              Tammy Lewis, FHS
6’06              Megan Page, SHS
6’06              Megan Halliday, DHS
6’06              Eliza DeBry, Sr. DHS
6’00              Sarah Calder, DHS
5’06              Arlyne Arteaga, SHS
5’00              Sam George, VHS
5’00              Jordynn Johnson, VHS

100m Hurdles
1. 16.20        Michaela Kowalewski, WHS
2. 16.55        Megan Rowe, DHS
3. 16.96        Maddie Smith, DHS
4. 17.17        Nakyla Jude, NHS
5. 17.19        Mikyla Dickerson, LHS
6. 18.18        Erika Stephensen, DHS
7. 18.55        Rebecca Workman, VHS
8. 18.91        Paige Alpers, DHS
19.13            Aubrey Sanchez, NHS
19.30            Haley Arlington, WHS
19.35            Kylee Benunin, LHS
19.38            Korra Jensen, DHS
20.07            Bailey Reynolds, Jr. DHS
20.15            Hannah Mckay, DHS
20.25            Kinley Diamond, DHS
20.85            Blaire Arnold, DHS
20.89            Jessica Spohn, Jr. LHS
21.42            Gabby Vanaarle
21.49            Ashley Mcdonald, DHS

300m Hurdles
1. 48.19        Emma Thatcher, DHS
2. 50.56        Michaela Kowalewski, WHS
3. 51.67        Rebecca Workman, VHS
4. 54.85        Emily Summers, WHS
55.74            Amberly Arrington, Jr. FHS
5. 57.09        Jessica Berenyi, FHS
6. 58.19        Paige Alper, DHS
7. 58.73        Arlyne Artegan, SHS
8. 59.71        Savannah Stricland, SHS
59.59            Arial Lantz, SHS
1:01.22         Tammy Lewis, Jr. FHS
1:03.28         Skyla Kimber, FHS
1:03.70         Nicole Kimber, SHS
1:04.49         Jenna Huckaby, SHS
1:04.50         Haven Thorson, Jr.
1:09.20         Abby Jensen, Sr. LHS

100m Dash
1. 13.01        Melanie Sullivan DHS
2. 13.12        Brittany Rounkles DHS
3. 13.17        Brianna Gipson, DHS
4. 13.88        Aubrie Sanchez, NHS
5. 13.90        Tytianna Upchurch, NHS
6. 14.09        Mallory Ashby, SR. SJH
7. 14.14        Nakyla Jude, NHS
8. 14.34        Emily Summers, WHS
14.36            Ashley Hayes, NHS
14.45            Carity Parkinson, WHS
14.58            Morgan Holt, DHS
14.60            Alicia Hadlock, LHS
14.63            Emily Robinson, DHS
14.69            Kylie Peaslee, SHS
14.75            Kylee Behunion, LHS
14.78            Haley Arrington, WHS
14.89            Kelsie Taylor, SHS
14.92            Tiffany Thorpe, Jr. SHS
14.97            Skyla Kimber, FHS
15.01            Irene Polucci, Sr. SHS
15.17            Kayla Harrison, VHS
15.25            Savannah Strickland, SHS
15.27            Jenna Usuitalo, Sr. SHS
15.71            Paige Peterson, DHS
16.01            Annie Page, VHS
16.26            Madison Skinner, WHS
16.71            Mallorie Savage, DHS
17.00            Abby Hall, Sr. LHS

200m Run
1. 27.78        Brittney Rounkles, DHS
2. 28.40        Madi Smitch, DHS
28.51            Lexi Elinkowski, Jr. LHS
28.59            Mallory Ashby, Sr. SHS
3. 28.67        Michaela Kowalewski, WHS
4. 28.87        Bronte Fronk, WHS
5. 29.38        Morgan Page, SHS
6. 29.56        Charlie Smith, LHS
30.12            Tammy Lewis, Jr. FHS
7. 30.19        Arlyne Arteaga, SHS
8. 30.24        Emily Robinson, DHS
30.53            Kelsey Taylor, SHS
30.60            Tyler Atkinson, Sr. VHS
30.63            Alicia Hadlock, Jr. Layton
30.69            Amberly Arrington, Jr. FHS
30.69            Jenna Uusitalo, Sr. SHS
30.88            Kylie Peaslee, SHS
31.08            Skyla Kimber, FHS
31.15            Savannah Strickland, SHS
31.56            Alivia Thurgood, Sr. VHS
31.82            Kayla Hamison, VHS
32.48            Tiffany Thorp, Jr. SHS

400m Dash
1. 1:03.49     Rachel Clouse, DHS
2. 1:05.98     Megan Page, SHS
3. 1:06.15     Charlee Smith, LHS
4. 1:06.50     Sydney Larsen, Fr. DHS
5. 1:06.73     Bronte Fronk, WHS
6. 1:08.50     Kelsie Taylor, SHS
7. 1:11.48     Kayla Harrison, VHS
8. 1:14.11     Amber Mecham, SHS
1:15.56         Annie Page, VHS

800m Run
1. 2:24.74     Mikell Rapp, VHS
2. 2:31.75     Katrina Dunlap, SHS
3. 2:33.48     Anna Ferell, DHS
4. 2:42.60     Sydney Zaugg, DHS
5. 2:47.77     Anne Hawkins, DHS
6. 2:48.32     Paige Bues, DHS
7. 2:51.38     Autumn Jenkins, DHS
8. 2:52.62     Amber Berry, DHS
2:56.27         Maddie Meyer, Jr. DHS
2:56.53         Jessie Parker, VHS
2:58.56         Alyse Brimhall, DHS
2:58.88         Jessica Egnew, VHS
3:08.54         Amberly Arrington, FHS

1600m Run
1. 5:39.85     Lexi Elinkowski, Jr. LHS
2. 5:53.29     Sydney Zaugg, DHS
3. 5:54.91     Jerra Fowers, FHS
4. 5:58.04     Rindy Roos, LHS
5. 6:07.53     Amber Berry, DHS
6. 6:08.19     Kiley Allman, WHS
7. 6:24.83     Emma Call, DHS
8. 6:28.97     Tori Woods, NHS
6:29.49         Alivia Thurgood, Sr. VHS
6:33.61         Shayla Potter, LHS
6:36.65         Jaida Berman, VHS
6:40.34         Jessica Egnew, VHS
6:40.79         Kiara Wall, Jr. LHS
6:48.36         Autumn Jenkins, DHS
7:06.96         Mykaela Adams, LHS
3200m Run
1. 13:02          Jerra Fowers, FHS
2. 13:31          Sarina Rosado, LHS
3. 14:54          Amber Berry, DHS
4. 14:55          Sydney Zaugg, DHS
5. 16:01          Savanna Jackson, FHS

4 x 100 Run
1. 51.22        Davis A
2. 54.67        Weber A
3. 54.90        Northridge A
56.35            Davis B
4. 56.79        Syracuse A
5. 59.14        Syracuse B
1:00.08         Weber Arrington

4 x 400m Run
4:33.37           Davis A
4:44.26           Syracuse A
4:47.05           Layton A
4:57.38           Syracuse B

Medley Relay
1. 4:55          Davis A

2. 5:05          Syracuse A
3. 5:27          Weber A


Davis            259
Layton         88
Weber          74
Syracuse      58
Viewmont    34
Freemont     29
Northridge      26

Sophomore Region Boys Results

Shot Put
1. 42’02        Nathan Montgomery, FHS
2. 41’09        Joel Boldac, SHS
3. 40’09.50   Jacob Kealamakia, SHS
4. 40’00        Levi Nye, WHS
5. 37’05.50   Dustin Mathues, VHS
6. 37’03        Dalton Lyskowki, SHS
7. 36’05.50   Jacob Luddington, DHS
8. 35’00        Trace Hicken, SHS
34’09            Connor Kirkman, SHS
34’01.50       Hayden Stubbs, VHS
34’01            Nate Buttterfield, Sr. DHs
30’10            Cameron Benally, WHS
30’00            Issac Schraedel, Jr. DHS
29’08            Landon Bauer, LHS
29’03.50       Skylar Williams, Sr. DHS
28’08            Logan Baird, DHS
28’05            Nolan McNeely, SHS
28’05            Matthew LeChominant, LHS
25’05            Jordan Anderson, DHS
25’04            Braiden Flint, SHS
24’08            Mitch Perry, Jr. DHS

1. 143’11.50 Levi Nye, WHS
2. 121’04      Dustin Matthews, VHS
3. 114’09      Nathan Montgomery, FHS
4. 110’06      Hayden Stubbs, VHS
5. 108’04.50 Jacob Kealamakia, SHS
6. 97’03        Joel Baldue, SHS
7. 96’05.50   Paul Filator, VHS
8. 94’00        Ladon Bauer, LHS
93’11.50       Andrew Tyndall, Sr. DHS
92’00            Dalton Lugkowski, SHS
83’03.50       Connor Kirkman, SHS
82’08            Jacob Luddington, DHS
82’00.50       Matt Lecheminat, LHS
79’04            Nate Butterfield, Sr. DHS
69’10.50       Nolan McNeely, SHS
69’08            Jordan Anderson, DHS
67’10.50       Skylar Williams, Sr. DHS
56’04.50       Braiden Flint, SHS

1. 141’09      Caleb Horrocks, VHS
2. 128’08      Ben Barrett, VHS
3. 119’03      Will Vandermurwe, DHS
4. 118’06      Logan Baird, DHS
5. 116’05      Nathan Montgomert, FHS
6. 112’07      Judd Barber, DHS
7. 108’07      Levi Nye, WHS
8. 107’04      Dante Morazan, VHS
101’09          Easton Nye, WHS
96’00            Trace Hicken, SHS
95’02            Johnathan Cardinal, LHS
94’05            Cameron Benally, WHS
92’06            Paul Filatove, VHS
82’09            Cooper Barrett, WHS
80’00            Braiden Flint, SHS
79’06            Hunter Simonsen, DHS
77’00            Hayden Stubbs, VHS
74’04            Skylar Call, WHS
72’11            Jordan Checketts, DHS
71’08            Joziah Billings, FHS
66’00            Tresten McKay, LHS
63’06            Nolan McNeely, SHS
37’05            Ethan Shaefer, FHS

High Jump
1. 6’00          Logan Baird, DHS
2. 5’10          Tanner King, FHS
3. 5’10          Hunter Simonsen, DHS
4. 5’08          Ben Barrett, VHS
5. 5’06          Jonathan Cardinal, LHS
6. 5’06          Eric Thomson, DHS
7. 5’06          Jayed Mattseon, SHS
8. 5’06          Sam Crowther, LHS
5’02              Zach Johnson, LHS
5’02              Porter Stevens, LHS
5’02              Nathan Montgomery, VHS
5’02              Jadon Bowhius, LHS
5’02              Bruce Robinson, VHS

Long Jump
1. 19’01.50   Matt Calvin, DHS
2. 18’11.50   Brandon Paredes, WHS
3. 18’10        Ben Barrett, VHS
4. 18’06.50   Jadon Bowhuis, LHS
5. 18’02        Skylar Koew, LHS
6. 18’01        Tanner King, FHS
7. 17’10.50   Tom Christinsen, NHS
8. 17’08        Guy Duncan, FHS
17’05            Skylar Call, WHS
17’04.50       Chase Chamberlain, LHS
17’03            Dante Morazam, VHS
16’11            Thomas Hale, LHS
16’11            Ryan Cleyhorn, VHS
16’10            CJ Anderson, LHS
16’09.50       Connor Jensen, LHS
16’08            Zach Chamberlain, LHS
16’05.50       Evyn Conrad, DHS
16’04.50       Stockton Oviatt, VHS
16’02            Jackson Wingle, Jr. LHS
15’09            C. J. Hurtado, Sr. DHS
15’08            Dakota Chase, LHS
15’05.50       Danny Wensel, DHS
15’03.50       Ethan Schafer, Jr. FHS
15’01            Luke Shaner, Jr. DHS
14’09            Ryan Haire, VHS
14’08.50       Bruce Robinson, SHS
14’08            Tanner Benedict, LHS
14’03.50       Jacob Tidwell, WHS
13’06.50       Cooper Barrett, WHS
12’05.50       Trevor Moore, LHS
11’11            Jordan Cutler, LHS
9’03              Carson Warnick, DHS

Pole Vault
1. 13’09        Matt Calvin, DHS
2. 12’00        Thomas Hales, LHS
3. 11’00        Taylor Southwick, DHS
4. 11’00        Ryan Haire, VHS
5. 10’00        Stockton Oviatt, VHS
6. 9’06          Tresten Cullimore, SHS
7. 9’06          Dante Morazan, VHS
8. 9’00          Avin Checketts, SHS
8’00              Guy Duncan, FHS
8’00              Ben Fielden, DHS
7’06              Daniel Tumblin, DHS
7’00              Ethan Shaefer, FHS
7’00              Finn Howell, VHS

110m Hurdles
1. 16.58        Tanner King, FHS
2. 16.69        Hunter Simonson, DHS
3. 16.78        Ben Barnett, VHS
4. 16.82        Taylor Southwick, DHS
5. 17.58        Scott Trane, WHS
6. 18.58        Carson Brown, NHS
7. 18.58        Nathan Camball, LHS
8. 18.92        AJ Jiron, FHS
19.42            Jarron Erickson, DJH
19.53            Dillon Rile, FHS
19.66            Steve Rogers, Jr. DHS
19.77            Dante Morazan, VHS
19.80            Stockton Oviatt, VHS
19.88            Trevor Chowen, VHS
19.99            Drew Sumsion, DHS
20.46            Jason Barker, DHS
20.62            Tanner Benedict, LHS
20.65            Kade Peterson, WHS
20.94            Nick Rabow, FHS
21.48            Mason Clark, WHS
22.11            Eric Thompson, DHS
22.12            Avin Checketts, SHS

300m Hurdles
1. 43.07        Taylor Southwick, DHS
2. 45.49        Trevor Chowen, VHS
3. 45.60        McGyver Clark, DHS
4. 45.71        Nick Rabow, FHS
5. 45.91        Nick Taylor, WHS
6. 46.56        Ishmael Villarroel, VHS
7. 47.28        Carson Brown, NHS
8. 47.77        Kade Peterson, WHS
48.46            Scott Train, WHS
48.56            Andrew Astle, Sr. LHS
49.62            Nathan Campbell, LHS
49.85            Drew Sumsion, DHS
49.91            Joey Giles, DHS
54.63            Mason Clark, WHS
54.82            Jacob Luddington, DHS

100m Dash
1. 11.57        Jake Moffit, DHS
2. 11.58        Jaden Dean, FHS
3. 11.62        Matt Beecher, DHS
4. 11.65        Griffin Hill, DHS
5. 11.68        Renee Smith, NHS
6. 11.80        Tom Christensen, NHS
7. 11.89        Cristian Rivera, SHS
8. 11.92        Josh Gardner, DHS
11.94            Caleb Gipson, Jr. DHS
11.95            Thomas Hales, LHS
11.96            Spencer Buhz, Sr. FHS
11.99            Skylar Koew, LHS
12.06            Jacob Baird, FHS
12.07            Matt Lecheminant, Jr. LHS
12.10            Nick Taylor, WHS
12.19            Ryan Goad, WHS
12.20            Nick Rabow, FHS
12.24            Jake Spender, VHS
12.25            Cambell Hunziker, VHS
12.26            Brandon Parodes, WBS
12.27            Jaden Argyle, DHS
12.29            Joe Eads, DHS
12.32            Guy Duncomse, FHS
12.33            Jason Barker, DHS
12.36            Jordan Howes, SHS
12.39            Ishmael Villarroel, VHS
12.40            Ben Lantz, SHS
12.45            Nathan Flinty, LHS
12.45            Ryan Williams, VHS
12.50            McGyver Clark, DHS
12.63            Joziah Billings, Jr. FHS
12.64            AJ Jiron, FHS
12.66            CJ Hertado, Sr. DHS
12.73            Jack Wiscomb, Sr. LHS
12.73            Luke Carling, DHS
12.80            Brian Parkinson, NHS
12.82            Austin Francis, Sr. DHS
12.91            Cade Hyde, DHS
12.94            Stanley Chen, DHS
12.95            Kade Peterson, WHS
13.02            Avin Checketts, Jr. SHS
13.05            Jaryd Mattson, Jr. SHS
13.07            Andrew Astie, Sr. LHS
13.11            Dillon Rice, FHS
13.23            Danny Wensel, DHS
13.33            Michael Holloway, SHS
15.16            Bryson Flint, Sr. SHS
15.22            CJ Anderson, LHS
16.24            Kalem Fields, Jr. FHS
16.60            Jordan Cutler, Jr. LHS
21.91            Henry Jones, Jr. DHS

200m Run
1. 24.08        Griffin Hill, DHS
2. 24. 91       Devon Jarman, NHS
3. 24.24        Jaden Dean, FHS
4. 24.34        Renee Smith, NHS
5. 24.35        Josh Gardner, DHS
6. 24.39        Tom Christensen, NHS
7. 24.60        Christian Rivera, SHS
8. 24.75        Jacob Baird, FHS
24.76            Thomas Hales, LHS
24.84            Spencer Boltz, Sr. FHS
25.81            Matt Lechemintt, Jr. LHS
25.18            Brandon Paredes, WHS
25.22            Skylar Koew, LHS
25.24            Joe Eads, DHS
25.25            Nathan Flint, Jr. LHS
25.63            Cambell Huneker, VHS
26.01            Jordan Howes, SHS
26.13            Joziah Billingo, Jr. FHS
26.43            Austin Frances, Sr. DHS
26.47            CJ Hurtado, Sr. DHS
26.74            Jack Wiscomb, Sr. LHS
26.98            Drew Sumsion, DHS
27.09            Stanley Chen, DHS
27.30            Danny Wensel, DHS
27.55            Jacob Tidwell, WHS
27.99            Avin Checketts, Jr. SHS
28.47            Luke Carling, DHS
28.48            Dakota Case, Jr. LHS
31.70            CJ Anderson, LHS
32.08            Bryson Flint, Sr. SHS
34.03            Hunter Wichols, Sr.
37.42            Kalem Fields, Jr. FHS

400m Run
53.72            Nick Merriman, Sr. SHS
54.19            Jon Cardinal, Jr. LHS
1. 54.36        Jaden Dean, FHS
2. 54.46        Ben Lantz, SHS
3. 54.64        Ryan Williams, VHS
4. 54:76        Christian Rivera, SHS
5. 55.02        Joe Eades, DHS
56.71            Trenton Behunin, Sr. LHS
6. 56.87        Cade Hyde, DHS
7. 57.88        Ryan Goad, WHS
58.07            Mathew Lecheminant, Jr. LHS
8. 58.14        Stanley Chen, DHS        
58.99            Zach Griffin, SHS
1:00.29         Austin Francis, DHS
1:19.37         Kalem Fields, Jr. FHS
1:19.76         ?

800m Run
1. 2:07.78     Christian Carver, Jr. FHS
2. 2:10.27     Dallin Larsen, DHS
3. 2:10.49     Christian Yngsdal, FHS
4. 2:12.39     Jake Welling, DHS
5. 2:13.16     Garrett Farrer, FHS
  2:13.31       Ben Hansen, Jr. SHS
6. 2:14.39     Paul Huntsman, WHS
  2:16.16       Adam Aposhian, Jr. DHS
7. 2:17.28     Porter Stevens, LHS
8. 2:17.71     Jacob Lee, WHS
2:19.25         Jagger Udy, FHS
2:21.01         Bryce Ferguson, DHS
2:22.54         Jacob Smith, WHS
2:24.16         Joshua Williams, FHS
2:27.74         Jason Kellerstrass, FHS
2:29.18         Stickerless Guy, Sr. DHS
2:29.44         Isaak Hugh, DHS
2:31.22         William Cannon, SHS
2:33.02         Cade Petersen, WHS
2:33.27         Cole Stephenson, DHS
2:35.05         Nathan Christensen, WHS
2:36.84         Zack Burrell, SHS
2:38.07         Nathan Wolferts, DHS
2:41.37         Brixton Call, VHS
2:43.77         Spencer Poll, SHS
2:45.28         Thomas Griffin, SHS
2:48.12         Aaron Bradener, VHS
3:04.22         Hunter Wichols, Sr.

1600m Run
1. 4:37.16     Kyler Hall, WHS
2. 4:37.30     Colter Blanchard, DHS
3. 4:41.94     Colton Rimann, DHS
 4:48.60        Solomon Twitchell, Jr. DHS
4. 4:48.63     Daniel Tumblin, DHS
5. 4:48.66     Dallin Larsen, DHS
6. 4:50.59     Zach Wilde, DHS
7. 4:51.28     Jacob Lee, WHS
8. 4:53.48     Bryce Ferguson, DHS
4:53.48         Jacob Smith, WHS
4:53.49         Joshua Haviland, Jr. DHS
4:53.69         Paul Huntsman, WHS
4:57.51         Garrett, FHS
4:58.04         Lance Thornton, DHS
5:01.52         Britton Porter, DHS
5:03.88         Jackson Rayl, Jr. DHS
5:06.76         Jason Lang, DHS
5:13.72         Josh Wilkinson, DHS
5:15.86         Tom Moncur, Sr. DHS
5:17.71         Andrew Rasmussen, VHS
5:18.03         Jagger Udy, FHS
5:23.95         Caleb Gipson, Jr. DHS
5:25.24         Brandon Read, Jr. SHS
5:25.60         Joshua Williams, FHS
5:25.67         Harley Jeppsen, FHS
5:26.34         Preston Capener, LHS
5:32.68         Jason Kellerstrass, FHS
5:35.36         Zack Burrell, SHS
5:39.25         Treston McKay, LHS
5:40.59         Taylor Moon, NHS
5:42.19         Eric Thomson, DHS
5:42.55         Nick Williams, DHS
5:43.52         Brixton Call, VHS
5:46.14         Bryant Ferrin, DHS
5:46.78         Isaak Hugh, DHS
5:50.81         Thomas Griffin, SHS
5:50.82         William Cannon, SHS
6:00.02         Spencer Poll, SHS
6:00.21         Isacc Shcraedel, Jr. DHS
6:09.57         Aaron Brudener, VHS
6:09.90         Hunter Nichols, Sr.

3200m Run
1. 10:22          Bryant Edgerton, SHS
2. 10:30          Kyler Hall, WHS
3. 10:41          Colton Rimann, DHS
4. 10:47          Daniel Tumblin, DHS
5. 10:54          Lance Thornton, DHS
6. 10:56          Paul Huntsman, WHS
7. 12:21          Jacob Smith, WHS
8. 10:31          Zach Burrell, SHS
13:09            Treston McKay, LHS
14:56            Hunter Nicols, SHS
16:02            Cristian Rivera, SHS

4 x 100 Run
1. 45.66        Davis A
2. 46.97        Freemont A
3. 47.51        Viewmont A
4. 50.01        Weber A
5. 50.82        Layton A
51.52            Syracuse B
59.39            Layton B

4 x 400m Run
3:39.10         Northridge A
3:45.20         Davis A
3:47.05         Viewmont A
3:59.94         Weber A
4:09.03         Syracuse A
4:12.85         Weber B

Medley Relay
1. 4:13          Viewmont A
2. 4:14          Layton A
3. 4:22          Davis A

Davis            212
Viewmont    105
Freemont     94
Weber          77
Syracuse      70
Northridge   40

Layton         39